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 How to customize wedding dress Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

How to customize wedding dress

How to customize wedding dress, wedding dress selection and production details ......
Petite Wedding Dresses UK
Wedding dress buy trick
     1, if it is custom wedding dress, give yourself at least six months. In your plan, there are three things to note:
          First, when to try on;
          Second, timely adjustment does not fit the place;
          Third, check again when the wedding coming close.
     2, in a magazine looking for your favorite wedding dress and make a mark, when shopping with this information to find similar styles.
     3. Pay attention to your body, face and hair. Different collar, cuffs and waist design for different body types, you want some of the less perfect body parts covered up.
     4, try on some wedding dress, even more than your budget. You may find that some do not consider the choice of the original style is very suitable for you. You can also find a similar dress and style their favorite in the budget. Or spend less money, please do look like a tailor photo.
     5, you find a trusted friend or family member to go, they will give you the most sound advice, even when you are frustrated because they can not fit the style and comfort when you can. Take a look at http://www.galadress.co.uk/.
     6, take advantage of bridal salon consultant to give you advice. If you have the budget and wedding theme, but also time for the wedding consultant will do more than give a more objective recommendations based on your age and body shape.
     7, do not sacrifice comfort for fashion. To ensure that the wedding dress was still able to fully stretch, whether it is to sit down, bend over. Hand, walking or running. Wedding is a long ceremony, you have to keep comfortable. If the dress does not fit, your face will betray you.
     8, prior simulate what the wedding day dress. You might consider wearing a strapless lingerie bridal salon visit. Help you find the feeling of the day when the trial wedding. If you have already selected accessories and jewelry. Bring together to see whether the match and clothing. Hair can also be made and the wedding day with ten to hair.
     9, bring the camera for you to try on every wedding photography (prior must obtain the consent of the bridal salon or tailor's job). In the final days of the decision of the time, took a photo and then confirm it.
     10, do not buy more than the budget of the wedding dress. To know to buy a wedding dress while also follow many unforeseen costs, can not put all budgets are left to the wedding, wedding accessories are needed restructuring and taken into account.
     11, buy a wedding dress is not a small expenditure. Do not pay more than 50% of the deposit wedding dress, and have a specific purchase requirements of the contract. Including the wedding dress size, color, style and so on. If possible. Bring your bridesmaids, bridesmaids must know your wedding dress, in the event of an emergency. She also knows how to deal with a pin, etc.

GALADRESS Princess Wedding Dresses

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 Four points of wedding dress selection Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Four points of wedding dress selection

Four points of wedding GALADRESS Bridesmaid Dresses UK selection, model, fabric, workmanship, style, but one most important to note that the version. In the noble white gauze should win, whether it is lovely type, elegant type, simple type should win in the noble sense. What is the good version?
     Edition type
     1, the breast shape:
     General Wedding dress - draping, the breast shape with the P-type pieces, cut out. Some Ball Gown Wedding Dresses taking into account the size of our Eastern also added a chest paste. I think the key is not to see it there is no chest paste. The key is to look at the upper part of the P-type is not full, you want to do is not empty, there will be no room for turtle go. Some fancy fish bone will hold to this position, but it is useless, because between the two fish bones is not recessed. Also, pay attention to the words of Bra-style and fit of the chest, and with milk sisters would be considered among the close to the chest.
     2, the version of the waist: this part is very important.
     Sometimes see a sister asked if a Bra wedding out how to do the following? In fact, in choosing this style of wedding, when collected waist how to be particularly important. If the waist is fully received very fit, the fabric can quite up to the chest, how it will not go below clothes off. Even if you are Acup, clothes Ccup. (Exaggerating the point). Waist type version also consider these points. A short waist or long waist. People waist type is long, short waist to consider modification, short waist type of people you want to consider the use of V-shaped cuts modification.
     3, see the skirt:
     The quality determines the proportion of the skirt bride body. Especially fishtail wedding dress, hips and valgus line skirt part is very important, if handled well make the bride look very tall.
     Currently on the market faces some fabric is satin, organza, chiffon, real silk, real silk, lace and so on. http://www.galadress.co.uk/ball-gown-wedding-dresses-sku-b2014071212.html
     1, satin
       Good satin certain heavy. High count. But feels very soft, and very skinny. Sometimes the sisters would say bone support group will be exposed rims of trace silly, in fact, the problem is not supporting the group itself, the problem in satin itself. Satin thin and no texture, it will look like the inside are printed out.
      Satin sheen is also very important. Good satin sheen is soft, not dazzling. I saw some little good satin, very soft, shiny glare. No bones, like a flash of water seen in France satin, very bones, stiff. Shiny and soft, like milk, the best way to silk brocade surface, looks shiny and soft, pearl luster, because raw silk on, very bones. French satin sheen than transparent, more beautiful feeling.
       Market, as well as Japan face satin. This thick satin, wedding do 1k down prices. The advantage is cost-effective to have texture, the disadvantage is too hard, glossy good.
     2, chiffon yarn:
       Recently popular are flounced chiffon dress with flounced do than more. There are two, one is synthetic, there is a pure silk. Of course, the latter effect, texture better. Price above which a lot more expensive. In general this yarn decoration is more expensive, I suggest that you selecte silk.

Long evening dresses uk

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 Tips for cleaning and preservation of wedding dresses Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Tips for cleaning and preservation of wedding dresses

Adter the wedding, carefully hid the wedding dress in the bottom to keep. However, if you easily put it entrusted to the small laundries, may regret it forever - because of wedding dress maintenance and other precious clothes are very different. But once you have a few tips to clean, save the wedding dress is not difficult.
puffy wedding dresses uk
First, at the time of purchase may ask, what the wedding dress material is, subsidiary of beads, what about small flash chip, under normal circumstances, the owner will know, without reserve.

Wash wedding dress, wet cleaning is the key, because the small wedding dress decorations, such as beaded trim, can not stand the dry cleaning chemical erosion, the best method is to mix wedding into mild, neutral detergent in water, soak for a while, it can be washed the dinner wine stains left, lard, and many more bubble for a while, even the invisible stains such as perspiration, wine stains can be removed.

After wash, dry thoroughly, you can collect up to be stored in a cool dry place, such as a closet or under the bed.
GALADRESS green wedding dress
Remember, do not hang up the wedding dress, because last a very long time, it will produce vertical force component, the skirt can be stretched even tear.

There are two minor issues to be mentioned: First, wash your hands before collection of wedding dress, do not glue cosmetics, or over time, there will be a small spot on the wedding dress; also, big hoop skirt inside of wedding dress can be twisted up for collection, but every year when drying the dress, put the hoop skirt to normal appearance, in case losing its elasticity. Log on http://www.galadress.co.uk/ to view more.

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 Bridal dress color choices ABC Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Bridal dress color choices ABC

Marriage is one of life's big events, beautiful GALADRESS alternative wedding dress, new makeup ...... brides want to shock audience, how could be careless? For a long, white wedding dress, headdress with red roses, red-based shades of makeup, it seems stereotypical. However, in this era full of personal charm, how to make their own fashion way, is a topic of each couple.

Selection of wedding dress, every couple must go through a lesson, but they tend to be found in those magazines so exciting beauty, why wearing on their own body but could not find the feeling? Where is their own unique beauty? If there is a way to know how to make themselves more beautiful and outstanding, much better!

To make people more aware of the new color matching and a better choice of colors, this give you some color in the background, theory and methods of human color and self-diagnosis.

"Four Seasons color theory"

"Four Seasons color theory" is today the international fashion industry is very popular topic, which was invented by Ms. Carol Jackson, American first lady of color, and quickly swept Europe after the introduction by Ms. Yasuko Sato, Japan, developed to fit Asians color system. 1998, the system was introduced in China by color consultant Miss Yu Xiwan and color characteristics of the Chinese people against the corresponding transformation. "Four Seasons color theory" to bring to the world of women's dress a huge impact, but also led to great progress in all walks of life color application techniques. http://www.galadress.co.uk/short-wedding-dresses-sku-swd2014073011.html

What is the "Four Seasons color theory"

"Four Seasons color theory" is an important part of the life of a common color in a different tone, were well-being divided and lightness, purity division, thus forming a harmonious relationship between the four groups of color group. As the colors of each set of color group coincides with the color characteristics of the four seasons of nature coincide, therefore, put the four-color group named "Spring", "Autumn" (warm colors), and "Summer," "winter "(cool colors).

The human body is colored

Scientific research shows that, like all creatures of nature has its own color, our body is colored, decided to play a decisive role in our body is born with riboflavin - showing yellow; hemoglobin - red color ; melanin - rendering brown. Riboflavin and hemoglobin determines the well-being of a person skin color, but shades of light and dark color is melanin in effect occur. Our eyes color, hair color and other physical characteristics of color, they are the result of the combination of these three pigments and tend to come out. Under seemingly identical appearance, in color attribute is the difference between each one of us. Even tanned, long face some flaws, or skin changes with age gradually aging, each of us will not jump the established "color attributes."

Self-diagnostic color season
sweetheart wedding dresses
A, spring type

Skin color: light ivory, warm beige, delicate and have a sense of transparency

Eye Feature: Like glass balls like Olympus light, bright brown eyes, Topaz, whites feel blue lake.

Hair color characteristics: bright as silk brown, soft brown, maroon. Hair soft.

Spring-type people of color with the principle -

Spring-type people choose the most suitable color points are: the color is not too old, too dark. Spring-type people dress warm color tone belong in bright colors, to be followed in color with bright, contrasting highlight their pretty. Spring-type people use the widest range of color is yellow, the choice of red, to orange, orange-based.

Special Note:

For spring-type people, black is the most unsuitable color, too deep color will be too heavy spring-type people with white skin, flowing yellow hair appear discordant note, spring-type people will look dim. Spring-type person is characterized by bright, colorful. Spring-type people belong with bright, vivid colors dress themselves, will look younger than their actual age.

B, summer-type

Skin color: pink, white skin, brown skin with blue tones, wheat color skin.

Eye Feature: soft eyes, the overall feeling of gentle eyes were burnt brown, dark brown.

Hair color characteristics: soft black, gray and black, soft brown or dark brown.

Summer-type people of color with the principle -

Summer-type people have a healthy complexion, water pink blush, light pink lips, soft black hair, gives a very soft and elegant overall impression. Summer-type person for a bottom in blue pastel tone colors, so as to bring out their gentle, quiet personality. Summer-type people for wearing a variety of different shades of pink, blue and purple, as well as a sense of hazy hue on color, best to avoid high contrast colors, suitable for matching shades in the same hue. http://www.galadress.co.uk/bridesmaid-dresses-sku-b2014092311-html.html

Special Note:

Summer-type people to choose their own color point is: color must be soft, elegant. Summer-type people do not fit to wear black, dark colors will destroy the soft summer-type person, can some pale gray-blue, blue-gray, purple instead of black. Summer-type people wearing gray will be very elegant, but pay attention to choose light to medium gray, but people do not pay attention to the summer-type dark blue suit.

C, autumn type

Skin color: ivory porcelain-like skin, dark orange, dark tan or yellow-orange.

Eye features: dark brown, umber, ivory whites or slightly green and white.

Hair color features: brown, brown or copper, chocolate.

Autumn type of people of color with the principle -

Autumn is the season of color type of people the most mature and luxurious representatives, the most suitable color is deep and gorgeous color gold, moss green, orange and so on. When you select red, be sure to choose colors and dark brick red and orange similar. Autumn type people dress in warm color tone is calm tones. Rich and gorgeous autumn colors can bring out the type of people mature noble temperament, the more vigorous the more colors the autumn-type person can bring a ceramic-like skin.

Special Note:

Autumn type of people to choose their own color point is: the color to be warm, full-bodied. Autumn type of people wearing black skin will appear yellow, brown available instead. http://www.galadress.co.uk/evening-dresses-sku-e2014091907-html.html

D, winter-type

Color characteristics: plainer or slightly olive, tan with blue. Cold can not see the blush tone color.

Eye Feature: Eye black and white, sharp eyes, eyes as dark, umber.

Hair color features: glossy black, dark brown, silver gray, deep burgundy.

Winter-type people of color with the principle -

Winter type most suitable solid colors used in the countries flags are the most suitable type of winter color. When you select red, optional are red, burgundy and pure red roses. In four seasons colors, only the most suitable type of winter black, white, gray three colors, dark blue is the color of winter-type person patent. However, when choosing colors must have a deep contrasting colors appear.

Special Note:

Winter-type people to choose their own color point is: the color should be clear, high gloss. Winter-type people dress must pay attention to color contrast, only seem to contrast with stunning, refined.

The same dress and makeup just change a color, incidentally some of the season's trends, you can show a completely different style, highlighting the personal characteristics, making clever mix of color and the wedding dresses for short brides are no longer a difficult task! Bride to be stunning the audience, willing your life as colorful Spring, Summer charming! Color! Is the most beautiful bride, and eternal companion it with longing, and you hand in hand into the earth's most sacred temple ......

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 Wedding consumption from "randomly rent" to "custom tide" Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Wedding consumption from "randomly rent" to "custom tide"

A few years ago, the brides to have a wedding dress of their own is still very luxury thing, and later with the one-child population has gradually become the mainstream consumer market, marriage, wedding consumption starting from "Rent" to "buy", and now, a private set made wedding dress has become the latest selection of people, and is becoming the mainstream consumer market.
GALADRESS wedding dresses for petite women
Today, the economic situation of young people getting better and better, consumer attitudes are more open. They believe that wearing a wedding dress is a lifetime grand dress, the pursuit of individuality and exclusive become a key consumer attitudes, it is particularly hoping someone for their design a unique style for their own, distinctive wedding dress, personal Tailor start epidemic.

Wedding dress from "randomly rent", to today's custom needs, consumers, "dowry" can be escalating. The wedding dress market is growing, but also to many previously could not do business, they are now a booming industry. Check the latest news on http://www.galadress.co.uk/.

Keep up with consumer demand, market maturity
Although more and more brides desire to have their own wedding dress, making purchase, custom market is growing, but the choice of brands on the market, the style is very hard to find. In addition to the ubiquitous wedding photography store leasing, fashionable and quality assurance of the wedding stores are difficult to see.
wedding dresses for petite brides
Why wedding market demand is growing, but there is not a well-known domestic brand? This is primarily with the wedding costs and market maturity are related. In other countries, the wedding industry has developed very maturely. Before and after a wedding production cycle takes three months or even six months. Tailored wedding dress need bride to try for many times, but more importantly is the wedding bridesmaids and female relatives such as mothers, sisters, and also need to match with the bride to wear a dress. http://www.galadress.co.uk/coast-wedding-dresses-sku-cwd2014072109.html

Thus, one getting married is about to lead 5-6 people together for customizing gowns, in order to ensure there are enough business opportunities.

Some related information are below :




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